A Prefabricated House Built For The Marković Family! Continuation Of Works To Start Next Year

The story of the hero from Paštrik and his six-member Marković family from the village of Provo in Vladimirci caused great sadness because of the conditions in which they live. The appeal of our organization was seen by a large number of people, and donations for their new home arrived from all over the world!

The humanitarian organization Serbs for Serbs built a prefabricated house for the Marković family and internal works have begun. Also, the fee for building the house, notary public services, and lawyer services have been paid. The total value of the first part of the aid is 3,611,600 dinars.

The continuation of internal works, as well as the installation of the facade, is planned for the beginning of next year, after which we will furnish the house and successfully complete another major project of our organization by moving the family in.

To remind you, the father, Stojić, was wounded in 1999 in the village of Planeja. Although he had 7 bullets in his body, he saved wounded and injured comrades from the rubble, for which he was awarded a recognition for protecting and nurturing the combat tradition by the association "Heroic 549th Motorized Brigade Car Dušan Silni." Stojić has two daughters from his first marriage and four sons from his second marriage with his wife, Rada: Stefan (14), Ognjen (12), Filip (10), and Ivan (2). Unfortunately, due to poor installations, a fire occurred in the house where they lived, which burned down completely. They settled in Rada's mother's hundred-year-old house, which has only two rooms and no bathroom.

We thank Serbs in China, donors from Russia, companies Tehnounion Energy and Rhei Life, anonymous donors, and all other contributors who participate in the campaign to help this wonderful family.