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Our offer provides you with the versatility where you can chose either among the two common variants or you can opt in for a new one as per your needs.

Price of a prefab home option 1 (without the finishing works)

PRICE 150-230 EUR per m2, depending of the model of the selected home.

This price includes the following:
- transport to the construction site with unloading of the material (in Serbia)
-installing the wall elements for the ground floor on the foundations previously prepared by the Buyer based on our project brief
-setting up the roof truss construction, roof sheating, and roofing either by tiles or some other materials as per buyer’s wishes (metal sheets, tegola…)
-setting up of galvanized rain gutter systems (halfround or squared)
-painting and façade works (plastering and coloring of indoor walls, setting up the outdoor insulation with bavalit façade in white color, or acrillic finishing in the specific tone per agreement with the Buyer.
-Installation of interior and exterior carpentry windows with thermal insulant (4+12+4), (PVC profile, wooden, aluminum, or wood/aluminium combo)
-tubing for electrical installation have been installed in the walls, without the cabling management.

Price of a prefab home option 2
(turn-key solution)

PRICE 250-400 EUR per m2, depending of the model of the selected home.

This price includes everything from the Option 1 plus the following:
- construction of reinforced concrete foundation and reinforced concrete slab
- masonry (chimney and chimney flashing sealing)
- plumbing and tiling with installation of bathroom fixtures (complete bathroom, sink, bathtub, boiler)
- all electrical work with the installation of light switches and power outlets
- flooring (installation of flooring, laminate… as well as hidro and termal insulation under the floors).

Price of a prefab home option 3 – your choise

We can turn your every dream into a reality.